1. Surgical-grade stainless-steel blades
  2. Silver-titanium coated hypoallergenic foil to avoid skin allergies, burning sensation and irritation

  3. Lithium-ion battery for zero memory effect and long life.
  4. Delivers more than 1 hour of runtime on a single charge – 2x longer than other shavers
  5. Lightweight – less than 5 ounces

  6. Powerful and quiet rotary motor imparting 9000 cutting strokes per minute.

  7. 220V/50Hz operation (Compatible with Indian power supply)

  8. Ideal for clean shaves, removal of strays, neck clean up & finishing fades

Alan Truman ATOM 708 Dual Foil Shaver

SKU: A708
  • Atom-708 Dual Foil shaver is a powerful professional grade cutting powered by a robust and sturdy patented rotary motor. Foil shaving can be as close and closer than wet-shaving minus the hassles, nicks, cuts & burns.


    Foil shavers are especially great for individuals with:

    • Sensitive skin
    • Less time on hand
    • No patience for hassles of wet shaving

    Easy to clean and maintain, taken care of this shaver can last you long. Take care of this shaver as you would care for a fine possession. It will serve you really well.

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