1. High precision carbon steel blades with hypoallergenic base coating
  2. Only cordless, super sharp cutting mechanism
  3. Low-noise and high-speed rotary motor
  4. Washable blades and cutting mechanism

  5. Adapter input 100-240V, 50/60Hz (Compatible with Indian power supply)

  6. Accessories: 1 adjustable guide comb, Charging stand, Charging adapter, Cleaning brush & Lubricating oil.

Alan Truman ATOM 600 Home Trimming Kit

SKU: A600
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  • ATOM-600 is a powerful professional grade trimmer with fine clean-up blades powered by a robust and sturdy patented rotary motor. If you are tired of plastic toys and are looking for a study men’s trimmer this is the product for you.

    You can use the Atom-600 trimmer for all round grooming for head and facial hair. It can also be used for body hair with suitable attachments on and with ample precaution. Since the blades are exposed and this is professional grade tool you need to exercise ample precaution when experimenting with new parts of the body or trying different cuts on the usual body parts like face, neck or your head.  With time you can develop a judgement of length adjustments and attachments required for different parts of your body.

    The trimmer can be used to cut wet as well as dry hair. However, before storage, you have to dry the blade-base and the blade with a paper-napkin or a towel so that the cutting mechanism doesn't rust due to water/moisture.

    This trimmer is an electronic product, which means it cannot be dipped in water. However you can rinse the cutting mechanism under running water. Rinsing can be done by holding the trimmer in a downward 45 degree angle and holding it under running water. Do not let any amount of water seep into the body of the trimmer. It will damage the product permanently and water-caused damage is not covered under warranty.

    Clean the trimmer after every use. Oil the blades on three spots on the blade base, one in the middle and two on the sides, and run the motor before storing it for the next use.