What to look for when choosing a good dryer ?

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Hair Dryers can make a world of difference to your hair styling process, especially so

when you have the luxury to use just one tool to quickly fix your hair before you rush

out to attend to your various chores. This makes it imperative for you to choose a

hair dryer that works like magic on your hair – not just helping you quickly dry them

but style them without having to worry about any possible damage due to excessive

or uneven heat.

So what are the three essentials that separate a good hair dryer from a bad one?

The Wattage

Do not expect miracles from a hair dryer that works on wattage less than 2200

watts. The lesser the watts, the less powerful is the dryer. Ever wondered why

your hair looks so fresh and bouncy post a hair cut at a salon? Well, the

professionals will never settle for hair dryer that works on 1400 – 2000 watts. If

they don’t, then why should you?

Ionic Function and Tourmaline Ceramic Grille

You really do not want to look electrocuted post drying your hair with all the frizz

standing tall on your crown! Hair dryers that come minus the Ionic function will

end up giving you frizzy hair by taking away the shine and smoothness. Choose a

hair dryer that comes with Ionic function as this helps locks in moisture and

reduces frizz drastically. The hair dryers like Alan Truman’s Force 7700

Professional Hair Dryer also comes equipped with tourmaline particles on the

grille that ensures that every blow-style and blow-dry leaves a lot of shine in your


Not just Hot Air but has a cool shot too

Where the majority of the hair dryers only come with the option to dry your hair

using the heat function, the truly professional ones also come with the option of a

cold air blaster. This is essential to help seal the outer cuticle of the hair, locking

in moisture and improving the softness in your hair. The functions work like

magic especially if your hair tends to get dry and brittle.

Besides these three essentials, there are a few additional features you may want to

consider before narrowing down on your pick.

Choose a hair dryer with a nozzle attachment. The more the better but make sure

there is at least one. This attachment allows you to direct all the air and heat flow

in one direction. One reason why you normally end up with frizz post drying your

hair is because of the missing nozzle attachment as minus it, the air flows in all

directions, pushing the cuticle up.

Heat Control Settings even play an important role. Ensure that the dryer provides

a minimum of two setting options. For thin and fine hair, work on lower heat

setting if you aren’t in a rush to dry your hair.

Check on the weight of the hair dryer. The heavier it is, the more difficult it gets

to manage, especially so if you have long hair.

Remember to also check on the length of the power cord. A long cord helps you

move the hair dryer easily.

The construction of the hair dryer too is important to be considered. A compact

dryer is always a win-win, especially so if you travel often. It is always better to

carry your own hair dryer than rely on the cheap options that are used in hotel


Next time you decide to invest in a hair dryer, keep the above in mind as this is one

tool that should never be compromised upon.


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