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What’s the Alan Truman Hot Stick ?

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Get creative with this amazing magic wand. Extreme-tight skinny curls or flirty waves. It can do it all. Doesn’t have a clip to hold back your creativity. It lets free the creative genius in you.

What is it actually? The Alan Truman Hot Stick is an ultra-thin curling wand. It has an extra-long tourmaline-ceramic coated barrel. is extremely light in weight for its size. It has five temperature settings and a 3-meter heavy-duty yet slim power cord. The ultra-thin barrel is coated with tourmaline and ceramic to give the extra shine and protection as you style.

The most amazing part of it is that you DO NOT need to use a curling/styling mouse anymore to get curls and keep them there. Just take hair, wind them around the stick and leave. The curls stay on till the next wash or sometimes a little after the wash too. Just use the right technique and temperatures and you have curls that stay as long as you want them or don’t wash them off.

What all can I do with the Alan Truman Hot Stick?

1. Tight-skinny curls

2. Corkscrew curls

3. Bouncy springy curls

4. Tight Afro curls

5. Loose flat waves

6. Normal curls

7. Loose curls

8. Anything else your imagination allows you to

How do I achieve so many different styles? It is multi-Styler wherein you can use the wand to create several different styles depending upon:

1. The amount of hair you take per section:

2. The way you wrap hair around the stick

3. The amount of time you allow it to style with the heat

Amount of hair and wrapping technique: If you take a thick section and wind it tight like a spring, you get tight beach waves. If you take a thick section and wind it far and loose, you get goldilocks’ waves. If you take thin sections and wrap them tight around

The temperature and time: If you want really tight curls real fast use the highest temperature you can handle and leave your hair on for 5-8 seconds. If you want loose curls/waves, use lower temperatures and keep hair winded on for 3-4 seconds.

The results/styles will vary according to the way you wrap your hair around the Alan Truman Hot Stick. Not much of rocket science here. The best thing is that it doesn’t have a clip, which gives you a world of flexibility and ease of use and most importantly a lot of speed in your styling.

Wrapping it close and tight in a spring-like format will give you tight springy curls or Afro curls. Wrapping the hair in a format that lets each curl stay away from the other creates loose waves and everything in between.

The styles you achieve will depend upon the amount of hair you take in a section and the way you wrap them around the Alan Truman Hot Stick. The lesser hair you take the more defined curls you get. More the hair you take, looser the curls you will achieve.

You can leave the curls as they are formed or for a wavy voluminous look open them up with a wide toothbrush or Alan Truman Finishing brush.

That’s it. It’s so easy!

What temperature does it work at? The Alan Truman Hot Stick has variable temperature settings. It allows you to choose temperatures from 110°C to 230°C. It’s good enough for styling most types of hair. Far infrared technology seals in the moisture and helps you retain and maintain the style all day long and until the next wash.

What are its hair-health friendly features?

1. Negative Ion technology: Helps you get rid of the frizz and gives you a defined style without the irritation of unwanted static and frizz

2. Far-infrared technology: Seals in the moisture and helps you retain the style.

3. Tourmaline-ceramic barrel: Gives shine, gloss and prevents damage due to hot spots and cold spots.

Can I use it when I travel? Absolutely! It has a dual voltage circuitry, which allows you to travel without hassles of carrying multiple tools or electrical adapters.

Does it have all the basics a good styling tool should have? One hundred Percent. Alan Truman has been doing this for years on the professional styling tools circuit. It has regulated temperature control, a cool tip and a 360-degree salon-grade 3 meters power cord. It comes with a free finger glove and a hard storage box.


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