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Reviewed and Explained : What’s the Alan Truman Blow Brush ?

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Simply put, the Alan Truman Blow Brush is a combination of a blow dryer and a blow-drying brush. That’s why it is called - The Blow Brush.

It has a blow-drying mechanism consisting of a motor, fan and a heating coil in the handle of the brush. And there is a blow-drying brush structure in the front, which consists of two layers of bristles and an oval ceramic tourmaline coated brush barrel.

Things you can do to your hair with Alan Truman Blow Brush

  1. Blow-dry

  2. Straighten

  3. In-curls and out-curls

  4. Add instant volume & shine

  5. Do away with frizz

  6. Smoothen and shine

  7. Keep a BHD (Bad Hair Day) at bay...

When and how can you use the Alan Truman Blow Brush?

  1. When you need to urgently dry hair in a hurry and do not have time to handle a heavy dryer and a blowdrying brush.

  2. Can be used straight out from the shower after nominal towel dabbing.

  3. Use it to straighten your hair or have light curls towards the end– it works like magic for both!.

  4. Can be used on dry hair to get a real quick nominal salon blowdried look.

  5. Can be used for real tight waves, curls and bouncy waves.

  6. Can be used to settle a head of messy, frizzy, unruly hair on a BHD ( Bad Hair Day).

It is a bundle of brilliant technical specs, we thought you should know some of the most important features here...

  1. Combination of dense nylon base bristles and long ball-tip quills. The base bristles give the grip you need for a tight blow-dry. The ball-tip quills ensure distance of the hot barrel from the scalp as well as work as a detanglers.

  2. Ergonomic construction, shape and form. The size couldn’t be smaller due to the whole combination of dryer with a blow brush. Just imagine we have managed to shrink a heavy, big, dryer to the size of a brush. It couldn’t get any smaller sweetie!

  3. Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre for its size. Agreed it is not the size of a blow drying brush. Simply because it is not a blow drying brush. It’s a blow-styling brush. But, for its size, form and shape it is extremely lightweight and easy to control and manoeuvre.

  4. It has a 1100 Watts hair dryer motor of the DC type. What this means is that it is light weight (vs an AC motor) and the life is sufficiently longer as compared to an AC motor.

  5. Ionic technology. This helps reduce any probable heat related damage. It also ensures that when you use the brush at a high heat setting it doesn’t cause heat related damage or heat related frizz which is extremely annoying.

  6. Maximum airflow due to its unique vent system. All the heat and the air flow generated by the drying and heating mechanism is straight away transferred to your hair and doesn’t get blocked causing potential danger of burns and scalds.

  7. 360 degree heavy duty swivel power cord. No tangled cords. No tangled mess.

If you are looking for convenience and speed and do not have the time to waste on something as mundane as drying hair, click here and experience the amazing Alan Truman Blow Styling Brush - The Blow Brush.


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