What’s it with the two-layer bristles of the Alan Truman Blow Brush ?

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

For all those who have been asking about the amazing Alan Truman Blow Brush, we shall have a series of posts explaining the product structure and the technical features of the brush. You will get to hear what are the different parts that make the amazing Blow Brush really different from anything that you have ever used before.

First, let's remind you that it is a combination of a blowdryer and a blow drying brush (Not a combing brush), hence it's called the Blow Brush.

There are two types of bristles in the blow brush:

  1. Layer 1: Short heat resistant nylon bristles 

  2. Layer 2: Long ball tip quills.

The barrel of the brush holds the bristles but the bristles do not come in contact with the barrel due to the plastic sockets which isolate the bristles from the barrel. The bristles on the lower level and the base are high density, heat-resistant nylon bristles. They are used in a large quantity and are clubbed and bunched like a bouquet. These bristles play a very important role in causing and creating the tension required during blow-drying and blow styling. As mentioned earlier if there is no tension, there is no style. Hence these bristles are very important in causing the real blow styling to happen.

For every single socket that holds a bunch of heat-resistant nylon bristles, there is one ball-tip quill or a ball-tip bristle. This bristle actually comes in contact with the scalp and also combs through the hair detangling them most of the times. This ball-tip quill spaces the barrel away from the scalp and helps avoid burns. Most importantly it causes a gap and this gives space which enables a lot of hot air circulation thus causing the hair to dry faster.

So in conclusion:

The brush has two layers of bristles, the lower layer is heat-resistant nylon that causes the tension during blow-drying and blow styling. The longer ones are the ball-tip quills which are used as spacers, heat isolators and detanglers.

More about the barrel in our next post. Stay tuned!


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