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What is the Alan Truman Volumo?

If volume is the first thing on your mind when you think of hairstyling, then the Volumo by Alan Truman is the right product for you. It is a combination of a volumising brush and a curling rod. It works like a straightener, curler, volumiser or just a hot brush or hot comb.

Now you don’t have to curl your hair with a big barrel curler and then open the curls with a finishing brush and still not be sure what your hair will look like. The Volumo is hair volumising tool which if used in the right way can help you not only get voluminous bouncy hair but also multiple high-volume yet high definition, frizz-free styles.

What is it exactly? It is a premium quality hair curler rod combined with a volumizer brush. It helps you achieve immense volume in your hair or just achieve create relaxed waves or relaxed straight hair.

Does it work on all hair types? Yes. It works on all hair types and textures. However, you have to exercise caution and get used to using the brush. Don’t get too adventurous or you will have to see the barber instantly sweetheart. We don’t guarantee anything apart from volume. Just kidding!

To get a hang of using the tool take the following steps:

· Set it at the lowest temperature and just brush through your hair from root to the tip starting

· As you get a hang of it you can start increasing the temperature and start creating end waves.

· When you have full confidence that you can handle this dynamo start experimenting with tighter waves and curls. These curls when opened will give you instant high definition volume and body.

Is it a volumizing tool for limp hair only? Not Really! You can use it on any types and textures as long as you know how to handle this hot rod. It gives amazing volume and oomph to your hair on bad hair days (and ones too).

What are the styles I can achieve with this tool?

  • Poker-straight: No. Relaxed and natural straight only. It is volumizer not a hair straightener.

  • High volume waves: Yes, definitely.

  • High volume curls: Yes, of course.

  • High definition curls: Only after sufficient practice and confidence level 9 on 10 honey.

  • Tight curls: NOT RECOMMENDED. Do not try unless you are an expert level 10 on 10 sweetheart.

Will it make my hair frizzy and unruly when you say voluminous? No, used correctly, the Volumo can make your hair manageable as well as voluminous. The barrel is coated with Tourmaline-ceramic which helps in frizz free styling. The bristles are cool-ionic which settle the hair while adding volume. It gives you stress-free voluminous frizz-free styles.

Do I need to use a heat protect spray along with this tool? A good quality and a very light one. If you use a heavy serum it will defeat the purpose of the volumising action and the tool may get stuck in your hair. A leave-in or conditioning oil like the L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil is recommended.

How does it help me save time? If you walk out of the shower, dab dry your hair with a towel and blast dry with a dryer or the Alan Truman Blow Brush, all your need to do it start using the Volumo like a hair brush and comb through your hair in all directions. Finish with end wavers or curls. You can finish the whole volumising process in less than 8-10 minutes for medium length, medium density hair.

Just in case, the tech geek in you is alive and you want to know of the tech specs, here they are:

  1. Safe & secure: Auto shut-off after 30 minutes

  2. Auto temperature lock to avoid mishaps

  3. Digital temperature control and digital display

  4. 8 heat settings: 120 to 200° Celsius

  5. Frizz free styler: Cool touch ionic bristles

  6. Tourmaline-Ceramic even heating barrel

  7. Travel friendly: Universal voltage (100-240V/ 50-55Hz)

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