The secret behind frizz-free volumising with the Alan Truman Volumo!

What is it about the Alan Truman Volumo that makes it the best, frizz-free, styling and volumising tool ? The answer lies in the cool-touch ionic bristles and the Tourmaline-ceramic coating on the barrel.

What is heat-induced frizz?

Cheap, low-quality products claim to have a ceramic coating on them. But they don’t. When such a product comes in direct contact with your hair with a temperature of anything above 20-30 deg celsius it causes static and this causes instant frizz in your hair.

Secondly when you straighten or curl, you bring your hair in direct contact with a heated metal surface. This induces static due to heat and secondly due to friction (fundamentals of physics here). This surface needs to be either ceramic coated or the motion has to be gradual and slow.

What is the solution?

  1. Either the heated surface has to have a real good quality ceramic coating on it.

  2. The heated surface has to be anything but metal (plastic or plastic compounds)

What makes the Volumo a frizz-free heat-styling tool?

The volumo has high quality Tourmaline-ceramic coating on its barrel. Ceramic coating when heated, generates negative ions which reduces frizz in the hair. Tourmaline is a semiprecious stone known to add gloss and shine and also reduce the effect of static caused due to friction while styling hair.

The cool-touch ionic bristles of the Volumo are made of a special plastic compound. These bristles generate negative ions which in turn again helps in reducing static and frizz in the hair.

Third and most important, as shown in the illustration above, the construction of the Volumo is such that it is 50% non-metal plastic compound and only 50% of it is metal. Due to this, very little metal that comes in contact with your hair since 50% of the barrel is covered with the cool-touch ionic bristles.

All in all the Volumo is made in such a way that it not only ensures frizz-free styling but also healthy heat-styling.

An important disclaimer and point to note - We are talking about heat-induced frizz here. Heat-induced frizz is a major issue when you use cheap, low-quality unruly heat-styling products that cause a lot of static and frizz in your hair. However if your hair has inherent frizzy nature due to hair health or other issues, we do not claim that any hair styling tool will get rid of it or cure it. We are being honest here.

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