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Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Ever wondered what is the purpose of the dryer's cool shot or cool setting?

Most professional blow dryers include a cool shot, this setting is most frequently used after heat styling to quickly cool down and set the style for more long-lasting hold. Most people turn up the heat on their blow-dryer to blast their hair dry as quickly as possible, but

that may not be a very pleasant thing to do to your hair.

While using heat products to style hair too frequently can cause damage, what many don't realise is that scorching your hairstyle with hot air won't actually set it for long. In fact, one should be doing the reverse to get a long-lasting hairstyle.

Using the cool shot button is good for your hairstyle, it helps your style to stay in place. Hair sets as it cools, so blasting cool air through your finished style helps set the style in place. Though a lot of people ignore it, now you know the cool shot button on your hairdryer is there for a reason! Cool air is used to literally cool the hair down and lock that newly manipulated style into place. It not only seals the cuticle of the hair shaft but can give a smooth, shiny finish, especially when used with the appropriate brush.

This simple trick ensures a longer-lasting blow dry. To boost the effect of using your hair dryer's cool setting, rinse your conditioner out with cold water. Just like cool air can fix your style for longer, cold water helps seal the hair cuticle shut again for extra glossy, shiny locks. The cool-shot button on your hairdryer is the “EASY BUTTON” for an amazing style!


So there you have it: Hot air alters the hair, while cool air can help set your hairstyle and also, protect fine hair from getting too damaged.


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