The ProStyler: A Definite Super Styler

Patented super-stable heating mechanism combined with the goodness of oil-infused black Tourmaline-ceramic plates.

If you love slim plates and want a styler with which you can straighten, curl, wave and flick, then this is the right one for you.

What is it exactly? A straightener with slim tourmaline ceramic plates. These plates are hand-milled and coated with oil-infused tourmaline-ceramic layer in a state-of-the art factory in Korea which just manufactures straightener plates. That’s how serious we are about quality.

Does it work on all hair types? Yes. It works on all hair types and textures. However, you have to exercise caution and understand what works best for your hair. There is no right or wrong answer to temperature and expected results. What works for one hair type on one individual may not work for the other with the same hair type.

Below is a tentative temperature guide. Use sound judgement and see what works best for your hair type and styling expectations.

Remember temperature selection is dependent on several factors:

1. Hair type: Type, texture and length of hair

2. Speed: How soon you need to finish the job

3. Working style and time on hand: Do you like to work with thicker sections or thinner sections?

4. Time: How much time do you want to spend on the styling session

5. Treatments: Rebonding, keratin, and other treatments need a specific temperature. You have to work on the prescribed temperatures when doing such treatments.

Recommended temperature settings

1. 210°C - 250°C: For straightening naturally wavy, curly Caucasian/Asian & chemical treatments.

2. 190°C - 210°C: For straightening healthy Asian hair.

3. 170°C - 190°C: For straightening blonde / natural brown Caucasian hair.

4. 150°C - 170°C: For straightening bleached, colored hair straightening.

Disclaimer: Exercise caution and care and always start with lower temperatures and increase and decrease as per your styling requirement and other factors.

Is it a straightener only? Not Really! You can use it as styler to get straight hair, curls, waves and flicks. A rounded body coupled with cutaway edges, makes it very convenient to be used as an all-round styler. It can be used to get loose bouncy waves and curls using the roll and flip technique.

Do I need to use a heat protect spray along with this tool? A good quality and a very light one. If you use a poor quality and too heavy a serum it will weigh your hair down or not straighten your hair properly because the heat will not affect the texture of the hair as much as it ideally should.

Since the plates are coated with oil-infused Tourmaline-ceramic you have sufficient protection with this styler. As a precaution it is best to use a heat-protect or a light leave-in oil.

Operation and temperature settings:

1. The styler is powered by a long-press switch. It can be switched ON by pressing the main power button for 3 seconds. Similarly, it can be switched off by pressing the main power switch for 3 seconds. Press the button lightly without any excess pressure which may damage the styler. A long beep will indicate the ON/OFF mode of the styler.

2. It has four preset temperature settings- 160°C, 180°C, 200°C & 230°C along with a temeperature memory mechanism. Every time you switch on the styler it goes automatically to the last used temperature.

3. You can switch between temperatures using a single press of the main power switch. A beep will indicate the switch between the required temperatures.

4. The LED ring around the main-power switch will blink when the plates are heating up or down. It will stop blinking when the desired pre-set temperature is reached. Two beep sounds will indicate that the straightener is ready to use at the set temperature.

What’s in the pack? Hair straightener & the instruction manual.

Technical Features of the Pro Styler are as follows:

1. 1-inch-wide hand-milled, oil-infused, Tourmaline-ceramic plates

2. Safe & secure: Auto shut-off after 60 minutes

3. Auto temperature lock to avoid mishaps

4. 4 heat settings: 160 to 230° Celsius

5. Frizz free styler: hand-milled tourmaline ceramic plates

6. 6-direction floating mechanism for smooth styling and curling

7. 1.8 meters salon-grade 360-degree full-swivel cord

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