The Mirror Titanium Straightener locks in moisture & avoids post styling hair dryness.

Finally, a straightener that empowers you to achieve the show-stopping, long-lasting styles you’ve always wanted. The Alan Truman Mirror Titanium Straightener can be used on any hair type or texture, allowing anyone to create straight, wavy, or beachy curls. Using negative-ion technology, this lightweight hair straightener conditions your hair for an Instagram-worthy look in a single pass, all without causing damage.

Titanium plates of this straightener have excellent heat conduction, consistent heat, allow minimum temperature variation, and therefore minimize heat damage. It heats very quickly, also has a high ionic output, and transfers heat faster.

The Negative-ion technology repairs and seals hair cuticles to condition and lock in natural oils while eliminating frizz, flyaways, and static.

The heat is less damaging than a traditional flat iron, but it’s able to penetrate the hair more deeply and evenly. That allows you to straighten your hair faster and use less heat overall, which minimizes the damage to your hair. It helps lock in moisture by releasing negative ions, so your hair isn’t as frizzy or dry afterward. This straightener can be used on highlighted, color-treated, or otherwise processed hair.

Remember when you are towel drying your hair or brush your dry hair and all of a sudden it seems to be frizzy and sometimes full of static? This is because the friction from the towel or brush pulls away the negative ions and leaves your hair with a pos