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The Importance of Natural Bristle for your hair

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

By natural bristles, we mean boar bristles here. We have used the word in singular term for the flow of writing. The term may alternatively be used as bristles or bristle.

  1. Bristle maintains good hair condition in many ways. In the first instance, bristle will detangle and smooth hair.

  2. Bristle keeps hair clean. The scales along its length pick up pollutants, dust and grime. It also removes excess hair products, gel, hair spray, mousse etc.

  3. The scalp and red blood cells there are stimulated, which naturally encourages hair growth.

  4. By brushing with bristle the natural oils (sebum) that are produced in one’s scalp are released and distributed along the hair shaft.

  5. Hair is maintained healthy, shiny and glossy, thus preventing dull-looking hair and split-ends.

  6. Pure bristles should not be used on wet hair as the bristles will not penetrate effectively.

  7. Some brushes have additional pins made of nylon to fully penetrate the hair and massage the scalp.

  8. There is no difference between the different colours of bristle – a question of personal taste, but often blonds and light coloured hair people prefer white bristle brushes


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