The Cleaner The Better

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Hair dryer is one of the most widely used hair tools and most often than not at the

the slightest sign of it conking off, one really doesn’t blink an eye before buying a new one.

Do you also belong to this category of serial blow dryer replacer? We have a word of

advice for you before you decide to bin your current hair dryer fearing it is on the verge

of giving up – get yourself to clean your hair dryer. Perhaps this is all it needs.

Very often it is the clogged dust, lint and hair accumulated in the filter of your hair dryer that

blocks its airflow causing it damage. Remember, dirty filter is one of the prime reason

for the sub-standard performance of your hair dryer, when used over a period of time.

5 Essentials to clean and maintain your hair dryer:

  •  To begin cleaning the dryer, ensure it is unplugged

  •  Remove the grill by unscrewing/twisting it from the back

  •  Shake off the dust first before using a toothbrush or a pipe cleaner to remove off any leftover debris/ dirt

  •  Post these steps, remember to wipe off the nozzle, body and areas in and around the switch/ indicator lights. This is essential to remove any hair product residue that may have been caught up on the body during your hair drying process. We recommend you use a micro-fibre cloth for best results

  •  Once done with all this, put in the grill back in its place and turn on the dryer for a few seconds. This will blow out the remaining dust from the filter

Alan Truman strongly recommends you to clean your hair dryer at least once a fortnight, if not more. After all, a clean hair dryer is as good as a new hair dryer.

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