The art of picking the correct hair crimper

Do you want to get a different look, rather than regular straight or curly hairstyles? Then simply crimp your hair to get a crinkled or zig-zag look by using the best hair crimper. Crimping your hair will not only give a fancy look but also adds volume to your hair.

The usage of crimping iron is very easy and straightforward but not like using flat irons or curling wands. Before purchasing a hair crimper, you should keep these things in mind for grabbing the best one.

1. Size of the plate: Crimping your hair will take a long time to style your hair. So, choose the right sized crimper as per your hair type. Like for long and thick hair, go with a wider hair crimper and for short hair, select a mini crimper to style your hair or bangs.

2. Material: The plate of the hair crimpers are made of different materials like metallic, ceramic, tourmaline, etc. So, choose the one that distributes heat evenly. As crimping with the wrong plate can severely damage your hair and make them brittle, we suggest using a ceramic plate crimper to protect your hair from overheating and damage.

3. Adjustable Temperature Setting: Most of us are under the impression that the hotter a crimper can get, the better it is. But those high temperatures are deleterious to your hair. If you have fine hair, your hair might end up getting fried in the heat. So make sure you pick a crimper with adjustable temperature settings, that allow you to style your hair at your preferred temperature.

4. Pattern of the crimp: Another thing your need to consider is the type of crimp you want in your hair. Different crimpers have a different number of teeth. More the teeth on the crimper plate, more texture, and volume, lesser the number of teeth, means the gap between the teeth is wide, thus giving less volume and more wave to the hair.

5. Depth of the crimp: Some crimpers have teeth that give deeper crimps, while some crimpers give crimps that are not very deep. The hair that is not deeply crimped usually gets back to its original shape in some time.