That one scissors you need to have in your kit : The Alan Truman ATB155

The ATB Series of Alan Truman has been handcrafted and hand-finished from the best Japanese Hitachi 440A Japanese steel. These scissors have been constructed keeping in mind the natural shape and curve of the human thumb, wrist, and set of fingers. The thumb-ring is ergonomically bent to let the thumb slide in easily and stay there with all control & flexibility required for an easy and smooth cut

Hitachi steel is extremely hard and highly tenacious. With an HRC58, these scissors have one of the best hardness and wear resistance. This means the scissors will stay consistently sharp and smooth over a period of time. The highest tenacity of Japanese Hitachi 440A steel makes sure you have to use less strength and effort while cutting hair. You will leave lesser split ends due to extreme sharpness. These scissors are handcrafted and hand-finished. Every care has been taken to give you the very best.

1. 440A Japanese Steel Blades

2. Ergonomic Bent Thumb Ring

3. Can be used for wet & dry cutting

4. HRC58 gives the best hardness & wear resistance

5. Versatile all-rounder scissors

6. Rich matt black handle coat

7. Effortless cutting for all techniques

8. Sharp cutting edges, no split ends

Care Instructions:

The hair scissors you use are one of the most important tools of your trade. Without a doubt, they are probably one of the most expensive items that you work with, and with proper care, they will give you many years of use. Here are a few basic rules for proper haircutting scissors care and maintenance:

  1. Do not store your scissors in a handbag or a loose box. The tips can be damaged, nicks can occur, as well as it may cause other physical damage. Use a specially designed professional hair scissors case, a fabric tool roll, a wallet, or an acrylic stand in which to store your scissors. We have offered a tight storage pouch for your scissors.

  2. Do not tightly wipe the blades with your fingers or any other cloth. Clean blades gently with soft paper tissue or a soft cotton cloth. Do not apply pressure on the sharp edges. Clean blades from the body up to the edge, with an extremely loose grip on the blades. Do not stroke the scissors in a cloth grip.

  3. Clean and oil your hair scissors regularly around the screw head and between the blades once a day). Do not use just any oil. Use a high-quality premium lightweight lubricating oil.

  4. After cleaning your hair cutting scissors, allow them to dry in a rack or other device. This will allow air to circulate and dry the shears completely before placing them into your storage case.

  5. Always close your hair scissors when not in use. This will prevent nicks or damage to the blade and possibly prevent serious personal injury from grabbing the razor-sharp area of the open scissor blades.

  6. If your scissors become damaged, have them sharpened immediately or stop using them until they can be sharpened. Continued use of damaged scissors can and will likely cause extensive repair work before they are serviceable once again.

  7. Replace missing or worn parts as soon as possible. Missing bumpers can cause finger cuts and cause the blades to overlap. Improper alignment can cause serious damage to your professional hairdressing scissors. It can also lead to sore hands and other work-related problems.

  8. Another factor to consider is the corrosion of the blades. It is often misconstrued that because the blades are stainless steel, nothing can damage them. Some hair tint liquids, hair perm chemicals, and even harsh chlorine from swimming pool water can cause small pitting of the blades. If your scissors are wiped with a cleaning cloth when finished, your expensive equipment will stay in a great condition much longer.


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