Styling Sesh: How to achieve long-lasting curls with the Alan Truman Gold Ceramic BD Brush.

Learning how to yield your trusty curling iron is no easy feat but what’s more, is learning how to curl with a round brush. It can save you time, save you from accidental, and help achieve a long-lasting style. By blow-drying a curl into the hair you increase the longevity of your hairstyle.

In this article, we are going to share some important tips that can help you flaunt those lustrous curls you created while blow-drying your hair with the Alan Truman Gold Ceramic Blow drying brush.

When curling the hair with a round brush, instead of starting at the base and working out to the ends, which requires stretching the base and mid-shaft after they’ve been curled, minimizing the curl action, dry the ends first. After ends are dry and curled, move to the mid-shaft, while it is being styled the ends are naturally wrapping around the brush, so when they cool, they lock in the texture pattern creating a better curl. The same happens when the base is being dried, then both the mid-shaft and ends are wrapping while they cool to lock in shape.

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