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Updated: Feb 15, 2020

If hair health is the first thing on your mind during heat styling, worry no more. The Alan Truman K2 is here. With it’s patented Argan Serum infusion technology it infuses a specially formulated Argan Shine serum into your hair while you style. It can be used with the serum and without. With its black diamond ceramic plates and real professional temperature of 230°C, it is the platinum standard in hair straightening and styling.

What is it exactly? It is premium quality hair straightener with a patented Argan Shine Serum infusion technology. It infuses a specially formulated serum into the hair when you style. Due to the serum infusion along with the heat, you can tame the wildest & weirdest curls, waves and bangs into poker-straight hair in a stroke. Really straight in a single stroke!

Does it work like a normal straightener without the serum? Yes. You do not have to use the serum at all times. If your hair is dull, dry, damaged, straw-like and you desire quick straightening without further damage, you bring out the K2 and see the magic. It nourishes damaged and dry hair making them silky, smooth and soft.

If you have normal non-damaged hair or if you want to use the straightener for any other treatments and rituals you can turn off the Argan Infusion mechanism and use it as a normal straightener.

Is it a treatment tool for damaged hair only? Not Really!

Any amount of heat is bad for hair as it rips off the natural oils and moisture and dries hair. The wrong amount of heat or excess exposure to heat can make hair extremely dull, dry & brittle. Heat protect sprays evaporate when they come in contact with heat, hence they act as momentary touch-point protection. Not really complete protection throughout the heat-styling process.

Hence you need the Alan Truman K2 to ensure healthy styling every time you want to straighten or style your hair. It is not something you need only if you have dull, dry and damaged hair.

Do I need to use a heat protect spray along with this straightener? No. You do not need heat to protect spray with this straightener. The Argan Shine Infusion is a good heat protect agent and prevents damage resulting from heat styling.

Does the serum weigh down the hair and make them limp, sticky and sloppy? The specially formulated Argan Shine serum is water-based. It is very light and easy on hair. You will not feel a layer on your hair. It will not weigh down your hair making them limp and sticky. You can get rid of frizz and have an amazing settled crown, shine, nourishment and visible health and gloss.

Can I use anything else in the place of the Argan Shine Serum? Not recommended. The Alan Truman K2 is designed to work wonders with the specially formulated ultra-light Argan Shine Serum. Any other liquid, oil, water or serum may cause damage to the infusion mechanism and may be extremely unsafe for your precious styling tool, your hair and your safety.

How do I know how much serum is good or bad for my hair? The Alan Truman K2 has a serum-infusion regulator on it. If your hair is very dull, dry, brittle, straw-like, you have to go to setting 1 on the regulator. If you have lesser damage you can work with setting 1.

If you are still unsure, just take a thick section of hair and keep the regulator on setting 1 and try a stroke, you will be able to judge how much serum is required at any point in time.

Can I keep buying more refills? Yes, you can keep buying more refills from authorized Alan Truman resellers online and offline too.

How many straightening and styling sessions does one refill last? 40-45 sessions under standard conditions. That’s quite a lot.

How does it help me save time? Due to the Argan Shine Serum infusion technology of the K2, you will end up finishing your whole head in less than 50% of the time you need with a conventional straightener. You do not have to go over a section of hair again and again. You can take very thick sections and finish them in a stroke. It’s one of the best investments you will ever make.

How healthy is this? You will need less heat per section due to the Argan Shine Infusion happening when you pass a section in between the plates. The Argan Shine Serum adds nourishment, shine and gloss to the hair. It doesn’t leave a layer on the hair. It actually nourishes your hair inside out. Hence due to less heat and the infusion of the serum you will get better looking healthy straight hair.

What's in the pack?

  1. Argan Shine Infusion Straightener

  2. 250ml Argan Shine Serum Refill

  3. Two Tanks

  4. Microfibre cleaning cloth.


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