Reviewed & Explained : The Alan Truman Black Diamond Digital Straightener

If you have been using tourmaline-ceramic straighteners since the beginning of time, its time for a change. Black Diamond Ceramic is the latest innovation in professional straightener plates. Known for its hardness, diamond dust ensures that the plates’ surface remains even, smooth and easy to glide after several straightening sessions and hair passes. Alan Truman Black Diamond straighteners have Korean Black Diamond Ceramic Plates fitted on a patented floating mechanism.

This straightener is ergonomically designed, light-weight and easy to use. Although it comes with the standard-length floating plates, it’s compact form makes it look small and easily fits any hand size. It is ideal for in-salon use as well as straightening at home without stressing your hands at all.

Alan Truman Black Diamond straightener comes with a digital temperature control which allows you a preset temperature selection of 110, 120, 210, 220 and 235C. The straightener heats up in 8-10 seconds and has a digital temperature monitoring circuit which ensures that the temperature is consistently maintained to the set-levels at all times. This ensures that you do not need to pass the same section of hair repeatedly to get perfect results. It reduces the heat exposure and enables straightening in a jiffy.

The Korean Black Diamond ceramic plates are fitted on a floating mechanism which ensures that the gap between the plates zeroes out when the straightener is hot and ready to use. This allows you to take any types of sections, box, flat, round, without pulling and snagging. If there were no floating mechanism the plates would not fit according to the thickness of the hair or the type of section taken and would pull and hurt while straightening, not only causing pain but also hair damage and stress.

The Alan Truman Black Diamond Ceramic straightener comes with a 3-meter long, heavy-duty, 360-swivel cord and a plug that is compatible with the electrical sockets in India. The power cord has a Velcro fastener strap attached to it so that you can wind the cable and lock it with the strap before storage.

The product comes packed in a hardboard box fit enough for gifting, storage or safekeeping while it is not in use.

Care instructions:

  1. After every use, take a damp towel or a damp cloth (not a wet one) and pass the same in the same way you pass hair between the plates of the straightener. This removes excessive deposits, hair oil, products or anything that gets deposited on the plates. This increases the life of the plates a million times.

  2. The power cord of the straightener has multiple wires in it. When you wrap the cable around the straightener while storing it after use, it twists and turns the wires and may cause the wires to crack and cause short-circuit. Do not wraparound the cord around the straightener. It reduces the life of the cable multifold and gives rise to the possibility of a short-circuit. Fold the cable by following the original fold marks and wrap around the Velcro strap for safe and careful storage.

  3. Do not use excessive products on hair before straightening. Liquid seeping inside the gaps of the plates can block the floating mechanism permanently. Fine liquids entering the gaps of the plates can cause electrical accidents like fire due to short-circuit.

  4. If there are is any deposit on the plates of the straightener, do not scrape off, rub off or try to remove it with any sharp or bunt objects. This may cause permanent damage to the plates of the straightener. Heat up the straightener to the maximum temperature and gently remove the deposits with a damp towel or any thick damp cloth. Using a fine cloth may or may not serve the purpose.

  5. Store your straightener in a dry place away from excessive dampness, heat or sunlight. Avoid storing electrical objects like straighteners and curlers in bathrooms unless you have properly ventilated storage system with amply ventilated bathroom interiors.

  6. Do not unplug the product by pulling the wire. Switch off the electric supply and gently pull the plug without stressing the cable.

  7. Do not play with the swivel mechanism by rotating the cable excessively too much by hand. It will loosen the electrical contact and affect the heating capacity of the straightener. Let the swivel mechanism come into play naturally when you are using the straightener not manually.


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