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Reviewed and explained: Alan Truman Titanium Brushes

Gone are the days of basic ceramic and aluminum barrel blow-drying brushes. Alan Truman revolutionized the blow-styling space in India with the launch of Thermochromic blow-drying brushes 2 years ago. Now we are back again with yet another innovation in blow-drying and blow-styling – Titanium Blow-drying brushes. These brushes are yet another industry revolutionizing innovation from the brand that has set trends in the hairstyling space in India.

Alan Truman Titanium brushes come with a solid titanium coating on the barrel of the brush. Titanium is by far the smoothest surface coating material in the world. It has a mirror finish which causes the cuticle of the hair to close neatly making the hair shaft look neat and healthy. Healthy hair = shiny hair.

The titanium barrel is fitted on a patented rubber-fins handle. This handle is built according to some of the best principles of ergonomy. So if you are a hairdresser who is fed up of wet and sweaty palms and are looking for a brush with great ergonomics, the Alan Truman Titanium brush is for you.

These brushes are available in x-small, small, medium & large configurations across major beauty stores in India. These brushes can be purchased as a set of 5 brushes in select outlets across India.


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