Perfect salon finish poker-straight hair at home in just 2 steps with The Hot Brush

Updated: May 12, 2020

The internet is full of jazzy hairstyles. However, a classic go-to chic look that never goes out of style is the poker-straight hair. It can be pulled off with literally any outfit, be it a professional meeting, an interview you need to slay, a girls night out or date night.

With straight hair, you can own every look and look put together without having to spend hours styling it! The Hot Brush redefines the process of styling your hair at home, making the whole process so much smoother and hassle-free. It completely eliminates the need to use any blow dryer. If your hair is like mine, that is naturally wavy with some the hot brush makes your strands straight in JUST one go. The tourmaline ceramic-coated bristles and the large paddle-shaped brush smoothen the hair in one time reducing the damage that's usually caused by continuously straightening the same strand repeatedly. Additionally, the Thermoplastic protect technology maintains an even temperature across the brush that prevents overheating and helps hair look glossier and healthier.

The Hot Brush is also a big relief to my pocket as it isn't nearly as expensiv