Force 8800: Powerful, lightweight, blowdrying workhorse

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Key Product Features

  1. Patented hi-speed long-life AC Motor

  2. 2400Watts Pro Power

  3. 2 Speed 3 Heat Settings

  4. Real Professional Cool-shot

  5. Auto Overheat Protection

  6. 2 Concentration Nozzles

  7. Patented O-Air seal to prevent air leakages

Force 8800, by Alan Truman is an extremely sturdy, robust, & strong machine. A patented, hi-speed & long-life motor powers the Force 8800 dryer. Ionic function locks in moisture and reduces frizz drastically. Tourmaline particles on the grill make sure that every blow-dry gives health & shine.

When your dryer’s motor is powerful it is bound to have intense air circulation within a small space causing air leakages from the joints. This has left the professional tools industry perplexed for ages. But worry no more when you have the Alan Truman innovation team to your rescue. The patented O-Air seal reduces air-leakages practically to zero thus focusing all the air from the nozzle giving you maximum blow-drying power.

Heat styling tools like dryers tend to overheat due to unregulated power consumption by the coil. This creates hotspots, which can cause severe hair damage, and sometimes hair burns and dry, frizzy, hair. The amazing overheat protection in the Alan Truman Force 8800 Hair Dryer makes sure that power supply is regulated and cut off if the dryer enters the over-heat zone. So the dryer’s heat is always monitored & controlled thus giving a healthy and neat blow-dry every time.

All the power and professional features are packed into a sleek ergonomic body. The body is designed such that it gives the feel of a lightweight, aerodynamic chic & sleek powerful tool in your hands.


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