Keeping your straightener well-maintained

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Cleaning your hair straightener is as important as perhaps cleaning your make-up

brush. Just as you wouldn’t want to use a dirty and soiled make-up brush on your face,

why would you want to use a dirty and soiled straightener on your hair?

5 basics to keep in mind to clean and upkeep your straightener:

Plugin your straightener and switch it on

The first step is to plug in the straightener followed by putting it on the lowest heat

the setting, allowing it to heat up for a couple of minutes. This helps loosen up any

a buildup of grime on the plates thus making it easier to clean.

Unplug and then Turn Off your Straightener

Allow your straightener to cool for approximately 5 minutes on any heat resistant

surface. Remember to unplug it from the outlet after turning it off.

Use a Damp Cloth or Paper Towel to Wipe the Straightener

Before the straightener cools down completely and is a bit warm (ensure it's not hot

to cause you any burns), dampen a cloth or paper towel with warm water and wipe

all surfaces of the iron. The loosened up grim will all come off with this step. Pay

close attention to the edges (where the plates come in contact with the straightener

body) as this area is more prone to hair products (like spray, serum etc.) getting


To Remove Build-up Stains

If you have been using your straightener without ever cleaning it in the past, you may notice that there would be stains on the plates. This could either be due to the products being used or the hair colour accumulation. To remove these kinds of build-up stains, first ensure that the iron is completely cool.

Clean your Straightener based on the Number of Times you Use it

And to conclude, make it a habit to clean your straightener at least once a month if

you use it occasionally. In case you use it frequently and with generous use of hair

products, it is imperative you clean your straightener at least once a week, if not


Alan Truman recommends that you take care of your straightener similar to the way you

take care of any other electronic gadgets. Remember, besides the make of your straightener, its life also depends on the way you use it. No matter what brand you opt

for, if the straightener is kept dirty, it shall neither last long nor give you satisfying



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