How well do you know your clipper motors ?

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Most of the times barbers and stylists end up choosing the wrong product and then do not know whom to blame - the brand, the machine or ourselves. It’s best to understand what purpose are you buying a machine for and then decide which one to buy. It’s not unusual to own more than one clipper when women can own a couple of straighteners, curling tongs and dryers.

A good trimmer and clipper is an investment, which pays off in the short and long run. It helps you avoid last moment grooming fiascos. We recommend professional-grade clippers and trimmers from Alan Truman for flawless and stress-free grooming.

First, decide whether you want a corded or a cordless one.

If you travel a lot, like your gadgets to look chic, sexy and elite then cordless trimmers are for you. If you don’t travel a lot, do a lot of hair trimming and cutting every thirds day and are finicky about that last small hair on your cheek or the forehead then you should go for the corded ones.

Cordless trimmers are sleek and compactly packed with a rechargeable battery which means they work like your mobile phone. Charge them when the battery drains out and you are ready to go. The challenge is to choose the right brand and product. If you like the high-end uncompromising performance you should choose professional-grade cordless trimmers and clippers from Alan Truman. Cheap, low-end cordless products from home appliances brands don’t actually work cordless for long. They go buzz after a while and the battery being of a cheap quality doesn’t retain the charge for a long time. You end up being frustrated about charging the trimmer again and again and get irritated when the trimmer’s charge ditches you when you needed it the most.

Corded trimmers are for you if you like heavy-duty, perfect, uncompromising grooming. If you don’t need to travel much and hence having a clipper/trimmer with a cord doesn’t cause inconvenience to you, you should buy a corded clipper and trimmer. As the name suggests the clipper/trimmer has to be connected to the power mains whenever you want to use it. The blades are heavy-duty, broad, sturdy and meant for heavy and dense hair grooming. They are larger in size as compared to cordless trimmers and clippers but are cheaper than cordless trimmers and clippers.

When you’re choosing your next corded clipper or trimmer, you consider which features you need and decide what you’re willing to spend for those features. But what about the motor? How do you decide the type of motor you should purchase? What’s the difference between pivot, rotary and magnetic motors? Here’s an explanation that should give you additional insight into clipper and trimmer quality the next time you are in the market for a new one.

When we design our clippers and trimmers, we ensure that motor specifics match the job that needs to be done and the cutting style of the individual. We always consider the type of cutting that the styling tool is designed for. Hence, once you have chosen the right clipper, your grooming is smooth. Actually

Magnetic Motors—Reliable Power and High Blade Speed: High Volume Cutting Magnetic motors provide incredibly high speeds—as much as 7200 complete blade strokes per minute. This type of motor produces a smoother haircut. Precision built to run quietly and cool, they are perfect for high volume hair cutting from your head to toe. These maintenance-free motors require no internal oiling and last for years with fewer moving parts to wear out.

Pivot Motors—High Power, Lower Blade Speed: Thick, Heavy or Wet Hair Pivot motor clippers and trimmers have high cutting power with a lower blade speed. Pivot motors are especially suitable for thick, heavy or wet hair. Alan Truman pivot motors offer four times the power of comparable magnetic motors.

Rotary Motors—Equal Power and Blade Speed: Wide Variety of Cuts Rotary motor clippers and trimmers offer an even amount of power and blade speed. With this combination, rotary motors are extremely versatile and work well for a wide variety of hair cutting. Alan Truman rotary motors offer superior torque power and cutting performance in a lightweight size.


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