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How to store and save your prized possession- The Alan Truman Blow Brush?

The Alan Truman blow brush is a magical tool that blow dries, smoothens and styles your tresses beautifully.

Such a prized possession needs to be taken care off, for it to produce effective results in the long run.

These little tips will help you keep your tool safe and work wonderfully till the time you have it in your vanity.

1. Store it in the box with the box placed vertically. If you loose the box. Store it vertical standing on the cool tip.

2. No wrapping the cable on the body of the brush even while travelling. Tuck away the cable neatly and separately please.

3. Cleaning: Remove excess hair from the barrel with the tail of a rat tail comb. Clean it with a damp cloth. Not wet. Not moist.

4. Clean the rear vent with a toothbrush or any small bristles old makeup brush

5. Don't leave it switched on when not needed (While sectioning hair, while searching for hair clips, etc)


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