How to care for your precious styling tool ?

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

  1. Do not wrap the power cable around the product at any time. Not when it is cold. Not during storage and definitely not when it is hot.

  2. Clean plates after every styling session with a lightly damp towel or cloth. It increases the life of the coating of the plates. Do not use an excessively damp or wet cloth as moisture from the cloth may boil and enter the gaps on the sides of the plates and may cause short circuit and danger to your life.

  3. Do not scratch the surface of the plates to remove any material or deposits from the plates. Clamp a moist towel in between the plates and pass it until the residue/ deposit is wiped off or is transferred to the towel.

  4. Do not attempt to clean the plates when cold using excessive pressure or scratching of the surface of the plates.

  5. Do not attempt to repair the floating mechanism of the plates with pins, knives or any other pointed or sharp objects. Floating mechanism once damaged cannot be repaired and is not covered under any type of product warranty.

  6. Do not attempt to clean the surface of the plate with detergent or any other harsh or mild soaps or chemicals. Plate coating once damaged cannot be repaired and if not covered under any kind of product warranty.

  7. When in doubt about anything, contact the Alan Truman customer care at

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