Force 9900 : The Powerful & Professional Blowdryer with a O-Air Seal

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Force 9900 is one of the everyday use offerings from Alan Truman. Sturdy, robust, strong, ready to take the load of everyday drudgery of blow-drying and blow styling, this dryer is bound to be your styling companion forever. 

What’s on the inside?

The Force 9900 uses the sturdy and long life 555 professional AC motor. Ionic function locks in moisture and reduces frizz drastically. Tourmaline particles on the grill make sure that every blow-style and blow-dry leaves a lot of shine in your hair. 

What’s this DC & AC motor thingy?

AC motors are heavy-duty, long-life, 10X more powerful than DC motors. They can take the drudgery of tens of blow-dries per day done every day for years. DC motors are low power, lightweight and short-life. They cannot take the stress of a few years of heavy blow-drying. The power and throughput of an AC dryer will remain consistent throughout its life span. The power of a DC motor will reduce its life span with use.

Is it heavy?

Professional AC motors are strong, sturdy & heavy-duty and hence heavier than DC motors. But the excellent blow-dries you get are worth every ounce of weight. So don’t worry it's not bad to grab some of your gym load during blow-drying. Sorry, it’s not really that heavy. Hey beautiful, so don’t skip the gym.

What special about this one?

Air loss from the joint of the hair dryer has left the professional tools industry perplexed for ages. Now there is a solution to the problem with the help of the patented O-air seal. This seal prevents air loss and leakage making sure that all the power and performance of the dryer is delivered there, where it should be.

My hands, wrists and hair, are they taken care of?

Excellent ergonomics make sure that you have less stress on your palms and wrists during the longest blow-drying sessions ever. Groves on the grip with pushed back body and handle makes sure that neither your hand nor your body is stressed during the most intensive blow-drying session.

Why is cool shot important?

Remember the time when you set your hair into those beautiful out-curls or in-curls and they didn’t stay for more than 30 minutes? Lack of professional heat and cold air are the two culprits which cause this issue.

Dryers that look and work like plastic toys do not have a real professional cool shot. They just have a button which is “supposed” to work as a cool shot. When this button is pressed, the dryer gives warm air instead of cold air which it is supposed to give.

Now that’s a serious matter when you need to style and set hair properly. Hot air moulds the hair and cold air set it. Imagine a blacksmith moulding an iron rod into a hook. Alan Truman Force 9900 gives real hot air when it is on heat settings and real cold air when the cool shot is activated. This allows you to set hair effortlessly within no time. Hair looks better and stays that way for a longer time.


Professional & powerful long-life patented 555 AC Motor 2 Speed and 3 heat settings real professional cool shotPatented O-air seal to avoid air leakage and loss 2 concentration nozzles – wide & narrowing-up loop professional heavy-duty power cordAuto over-heat and over-run protectionTourmaline & ceramic grillEven airflow system


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