Do good with what you are !

Updated: May 12, 2020

No one said you cannot be a leader without a title, nor can anyone stop you from doing what great leaders do without one. When you are inspired you do what you want to do. When you are motivated, you do what you want to do. When you are restless about something you do what you do. When you have that fire in your belly, you do what you do. You don't wait to be greatly powered, greatly funded, greatly pushed. You just do it. You do whatever you can and whatever you want. This women's day, tell us of one setback in your life, one incident in your life, one accident in your life which you yourself thought is the end of the world for you and how you do good in each and every walk of life today in spite of that incident. Only DM us your entry.

The three best entries will win the following:

  1. A product from Alan Truman and a fabulous makeover from Alan Truman at a salon in your city.

  2. Women like you, who have done great in their lives will choose the best entries. We will announce their names soon. Stay tuned !

All you have to do is:

  1. Tag 3 of your friends and ask them to follow @alantrumanofficial in the comments section 👇 below.

  2. DM us your entry.

No entries in the comments section please. Only serious entries will be considered. Please do not send one liners and expect to be included in the contest.

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