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Curling made easy with Alan Truman Ceramic Tourmaline Curler!

Updated: May 6, 2020

Curls are a girl’s best friend to every occasion. Whether you create an up-do or just let it loose, they’re sure to amp your look right away! So here’s a fix to all your curly worries with our super ‘consumer-friendly’ product- Alan Truman Ceramic Tourmaline Curler.

Alan Truman Ceramic Tourmaline Curler is a curling tool that helps give your hair extra protection while heat styling. The barrel of Alan Truman Ceramic Tourmaline Curler is longer than usual curlers to give your hair a professional finish at home while the tourmaline ceramic coated barrel helps prevent white spots and damage to the shaft of the hair. The ergonomic form is specially designed to cause the least amount of strain on your hands and body while styling. The temperature ranges from 180 to 235 degrees Celsius allowing you to have complete control over how much heat you'd like to use on your hair depending on your type and texture. The Ultra-Even Heating system makes certain that the barrel heats up evenly without hotspots. The handle helps maintain a good grip on the curler while styling hence ensuring that you have a smooth hassle free styling experience.

Styling with the Ceramic Tourmaline Curler:

1. Firstly, your hair should be completely dry before you apply direct heat like a curling iron, flatiron, or curling wand. Water weakens the bonds in the hair. Putting a curling iron to wet hair can sizzle the cuticle, causing a vertical crack in the strand, which is also known as a split end.

2. Then take a section from the temple on one side to the temple on the other side, twist and clip on top of the head. Next, take a section from the top of the ear to the top of the other ear and secure it with a clip. The hair left down at the back is your first section.

3. From the first section take smaller sections about 2 inches. Hold the curler with the clasp open and facing forward, take a section of hair and starting 3 inches from the root, wrap it around the curler. Make sure to set the temperature most desirable for your hair type, Somebody with thick hair can use it at 220-230 degrees Celsius, while somebody with thin hair should stick to a temperature between 190-210 degrees Celsius. Hold it in the hair for approximately 5 to 10 seconds depending on your hair type and condition.

4. Once you’re done holding the curl on the barrel for the desired time. Then cup the curl in your hand for another three to five seconds until it's cooled down, this will help the curl stay longer. While the heat helps you form those curls, cooling the curls actually helps to set them.

5. Continue the same technique on each section working your way to the top of the head until every section has been curled.

6. Leave hair to cool, this will set the curl. Once the hair is cool gently run fingers through hair to soften and style the curl.

And that’s the right way to curl your hair with a curler. It’s easy and super quick to achieve these salon-worthy curls in your own home. You’ll have the shiniest, smoothest Queen B curls!


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