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Crimp, but with the Black-Diamond Ceramic Advantage !

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

You know that hair come in maximum contact with heat when you crimp. You need a solution that helps you finish the whole crimping within the least time possible. Lesser the time required to crimp, lesser the exposure to heat, lesser the damage.

The Alan Truman Crimper is fitted with Black Diamond Ceramic Crimping plates. The ceramic coating on the plates enables even and consistent heat across the plates thus avoiding hotspots and cold spots. This helps in crimping hair in a single press without having to wait for a few seconds after the press and thus helps avoid damages and burns. Black diamond infusion in the ceramic plates gives amazing durability, longer life and superior shine to the hair.

The Black Diamond Ceramic plates are fitted on a floating mechanism. This causes the gap in the plates to even out effortlessly thus avoiding inconsistent crimping and damage.

Not to mention, these crimpers come with digital temperature control, 360°-3 meters long swivel cord and a cool-tip.

Alan Truman Black Diamond Ceramic Crimpers come in wide and slim configurations. This slim plate Crimper has 1-inch wide black-diamond ceramic plates. 1-inch width means the plates are not too wide and cumbersome to use and not too slim. If you are looking for effortless styling of medium to long and very long hair without wasting a lot of time, this Crimper is the right tool for you. It can be used for any hair length, thickness and hair density; however, the slim plates ensure quick and effortless results in a jiffy for short to medium length hair.

All Alan Truman products are protected by a one-year international warranty against workmanship defects and damages. So that’s worry free and hassle-free styling for your salon and home.


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