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Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Alan Truman FORCE 3003 Professional 2400Watts AC Motor Dryer

  1. Patented AC515 Professional Long-life AC motor

  2. Tourmaline ceramic grill to impart shine and reduce frizz in every blow styling session

  3. Special ventri-effect narrow nozzle construction for high-intensity airflow

  4. High quality, durable heating element ensures even heat across the airflow

  5. 2 Speed and 3 heat settings for all-around styling versatility

  6. Real professional cool shot for setting styles

  7. 2 concentration nozzles – narrow and wide

  8. Hang-up loop with cable snap protection

  9. Professional heavy-duty power cord

  10. Auto over-heat and over-run protection

  11. One year warranty against workmanship and manufacturing defects

Alan Truman is a brand of premium high-quality styling tools and brushes. With its global sourcing philosophy, the product range of Alan Truman is handpicked and sourced from the best factories from around the world.

Force 3003 is one of the powerful professional offerings from Alan Truman. Sturdy, robust, strong, ready to take the load of excessive blow-drying and blow styling, this dryer is bound to be your styling companion forever. 

Ionic function locks in moisture and reduces frizz drastically. Tourmaline particles on the grill make sure that every blow-style and blow-dry leaves a lot of shine in your hair. 

Excellent ergonomics make it the hair stylist's favourite. The dryer is built compact, lightweight and with a patented ventri-effect narrow nozzle technology.

What’s on the inside?

A powerful patented AC motor, AC515 powers this machine. Tourmaline particles on the grill make sure that every blow-style and blow-dry leaves a lot of shine in your hair. The ventri-effect construction ensures high-intensity airflow throughout the whole blow-styling session without a drop in the airflow.

What’s this DC & AC motor thingy?

AC motors are heavy-duty, long-life, 10X more powerful than DC motors. They can take the drudgery of tens of blow-dries per day done every day for years. DC motors are low power, lightweight and short-life. They cannot take the stress of a few years of heavy blow-drying. The power and throughput of an AC dryer will remain consistent throughout its life span. The power of a DC motor will reduce its life span with use.

Is it heavy?

Professional AC motors are strong, sturdy & heavy-duty and hence heavier than DC motors. But the excellent blow-dries you get are worth every ounce of weight. So don’t worry it's not bad to grab some of your gym load during blow-drying.

Sorry, it’s not really that heavy. Hey beautiful, so don’t skip the gym.

What special about this one?

Ergonomic, tight, compact and light-weight construction without compromising on the professional blow-drying aspects like a powerful long-life AC motor, 3 heat and speed settings and a professional cool shot.

My hands, wrists and hair, are they taken care of?

Excellent ergonomics, tight & compact construction make sure that you have less stress on your palms and wrists during the longest blow-drying sessions ever.


  1. To reduce the risk of electric shock: Do not reach for an appliance that has fallen into the water.

  2. Unplug immediately. Do not use while bathing or in a shower.

  3. Do not place or store appliance where it can fall or be pulled into a tub or sink.

  4. Do not place in or drop into water or other liquid.

  5. Always unplug this appliance from the electrical outlet immediately after using.

  6. Unplug this appliance before cleaning, removing, or assembling parts.

  7. Do not wrap the power cord around the dryer, it reduces the life of the power cord and may cause short circuit due to the twisting of electrical cables inside the cord.


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