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COLD is the new HOT!! What is it exactly with the plates of the Ultrasonic Tool?

This isn’t a straightener; it is a revolutionary dual technology tool! The infrared and ultrasonic technology changes the size of the molecules of your favorite product/ treatment for it to penetrate in the hair shaft easily and helps produce effective results.

A pair of its plates consists of 100% soothing infrared light, that helps repair damaged, frayed hair.

While the other plate is a titanium ultrasound vibrator, this helps micro-miniaturize the size of the molecules of your favorite product for easier and super-fast penetration, thus helping seal the goodness of your treatment into the hair deeper and longer.

The plate of the Alan Truman Ultrasonic Tool doesn’t heat up and can be touched freely without any risk of burning. This tool does not straighten the hair. It helps repair damage caused to your hair due to environmental factors, outdoor activities, swimming, constant heat styling, and other treatments that may have been harsh and damaging to your hair. Hence, No Heat, No Damage!

This fab tool restores health back to your hair. Say a damn good real goodbye to bad hair days now!

Wish you a healthy hair treatment with the Alan Truman Ultrasonic Tool.


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