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Updated: Feb 15, 2020

A right blow drying brush can be one of your most essentials tools to let you have salon styled hair at home. Most often than not, it is a misconception that to achieve salon styled hair, one needs to make use of tons of hair styling products.

A right blow-drying brush and a right hair dryer are all you need to have great looking hair that you can style all by yourself. Remember, choosing the right blow drying brush will go a long way in not just adding volume, bounce and gloss to your hair but also speed up the drying time and minimising heat damage.

Here we share the five essentials of a great blow drying brush. Keep these in mind the

next time before shopping for one to achieve a professional blowout without having to

go to the salon.

Size and Shape: A round brush is most suitable and preferred for a perfect blow-dry.

It is used by most professionals as a round brush allows for far greater control helping you create the style you want for your hair. A smaller sized brush is apt for smaller hair and also for achieving tight curls. For adding volume to your hair irrespective of the hair length, we recommend you opt for a large-sized brush.

Barrel Size:

The size of the barrel is another important feature to consider based on your hair length. A bigger barrel brush is essential for long and thick hair and a smaller barrel sized brush works magic on short and fine hair.

Thermochromic Properties:

A Thermochromic Hair Brush automatically changes the

barrel colour based on the heat being received. If the colour of the barrel changes, you

know that the heat being received needs to be controlled. This eventually is

essential for protecting your hair from heat damage.

Bristles Type:

While choosing the bristles, you have a choice between opting for

brushes with nylon bristles or those made using boar bristles. Our pick would be the

ones with flame-sealed nylon bristles as these work perfectly to hold your hair on the

brush. Nylon bristles also help take care of the frizz and add up to the volume and

shine in your hair.

The Brush Construction:

Opt for a strong, robust and sturdy brush that is light and offers you a tight grip on the handle. Blow drying process requires you to simultaneously work with a hair dryer in your other hand hence it is essential that the brush is able to withstand the heat of the dryer and at the same time allow you to glide effortlessly through the hair without any pull or strain. We recommend you opt for the handle that offers a good grip instead of getting carried away by various textures. The better the grip, the better is the blow drying process.

The role of a blow-drying brush cannot be understated and hence Alan Truman recommends that you minutely study all the features of the brush before narrowing down on one. A brush that comes action packed with the above five essentials besides having the antistatic feature is an ideal fit for a perfect blow drying experience at home.


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