6 seconds instant heat-up feature of the Alan Truman Mirror Titanium Straightener.

Titanium hair straightener delivers the fastest heat transfer for immediate and superior results. Generally, titanium flat irons heat up faster than any other plate. Titanium flat irons are recommended for girls with thick, coarse healthy hair due to the amount of heat it transfers. Still, if your locks are fine or normal, you can use a titanium hair straightener, too. Just start with lower heat level and be careful while ironing your tresses.

Titanium Plates heat up evenly and much faster and are the safest of metals that can be used in a straightening. Titanium is a lightweight metal that prevents arm and shoulder pain while styling the hair.

The 100% solid titanium plates of the Alan Truman Mirror Titanium Straightener actually heats up instantly in 6 seconds, transfers heat to the hair quicker, and generally makes the style last longer. It not only heats quickly but also more evenly. There will be no cold spots on the iron to worry about!

Another reason you might not want to give up on this straightener is that it's by far the most durable option. Titanium may seem a little costlier than other options available, but it's very resistant to scratches or 'hot spots,' so you won't have to worry about replacing it as often, even if you drop it.