A step-by-step guide to using the Alan Truman K2 Argan Shine Infusion Straightener

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Step 1

Keep the straightener in a switched off mode, take off the tank and fill it with the Argan Shine Serum. Leave a single bubble for the mechanism to work fine. Ensure that the tank is sealed with the rubber cap. Do not shake the tank vigorously. It doesn’t help in any way.

Step 2

Fit the tank on the straightener tightly. Ensure that the tank is locked properly.

Step 3

Switch on the power supply. Section your head as you would do for a normal straightening session. Start with the lowest temperature and take a normal flat section and straighten it. Now turn the Argan Shine Infusion regulator to setting 1 and start straightening the hair by taking thicker sections. Remember the straightener infuses Argan shine serum in your hair. Hence it needs a sufficient amount of hair to do so. Not having a thick section of hair means the serum in the form of steam will have no place to go except on your hand and then disappear in the air. Hence please take thicker than normal box sections instead of thin sections that you take when using a basic or conventional straightener.

Step 4

Vary the temperature and serum infusion as required for the type of hair. If you have thick, curly and damaged hair, use 210 degree Celsius with the serum regulator on setting 2. If you have wavy hair with less damage use serum infusion regulator setting 1 with 210-degree Celsius temperature. Do not go to 230 deg Celsius with setting 2, without being very sure that you are fully acquainted with the working of the straightener.

Step 5

Take thicker sections and more hair per section and go slower than normal on each section since you need to infuse the serum into the hair when straightening. Going too fast will not allow the serum to infuse into the hair and going too slow will infuse excess serum on a certain section of the hair.

Step 6

Repeat the above process until you have achieved a gorgeous head of beautiful nourished and straight hair Buy Here -> Argan Serum Oil | Hair Straightener | k2 - Alan Truman


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