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Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Not every black comb is a professional carbon comb like it is made out to be.

Antistatic, heat & chemical resistance & durability, these are very basic properties that every professional comb should have. Only real professional carbon combs have these.

Carbon is one of the hardest substances known to mankind. It imparts strength and several other useful properties when added to thermoplastic. In spite of this, it keeps the weight of the new compound considerably low. Combs made out of thermoplastic + carbon are extremely durable, long-lasting, heat & chemical resistant and antistatic.

When we thought of developing carbon Combs at Alan Truman, we visited some of the best comb manufacturing factories around the world. The core idea was NOT to have a professional carbon comb made out of the superior-most material in the world. That would make the comb very expensive and worth its weight in gold. We wanted something functionally superior, made out of the best material, but, within a budget, we thought an average quality-seeking hair-dresser could afford.

The core idea was to keep intact the fine balance between functionality and durability. So whether it is the deep-drawn teeth or the matte finish & grip or the burr-free teeth with antistatic construction, we have tried to give it all in a single hassle-free comb.

It is indeed the most important tool every hairdresser uses every day. So it rather is the best their money can buy.

Alan Truman combs are:

1. Anti-static

2. Heat resistant

3. Chemical resistant

4. Burr-free

5. Durable

6. Twist resistant

7. Perfect in ergonomics


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