100% Made in Italy : The Alan Truman Force 102 Professional 2400W AC Motor Dryer

1. Made in Italy 2. 2500 Watts professional, powerful and long-lasting AC motor 3. 2-speed & 3 heat settings 4. Real professional cool shot 5. Compact shape and form 6. Interchangeable air filter (one extra air filter per unit) 7. Ceramic coated heating element for even heat throughput 8. One year warranty against any manufacturing defects 9. Ionic element reduces frizz and flyaway 10. 3-meter heavy-duty power cable 11. Pack includes 2 nozzles: Wide and Narrow 12. 220V-50HZ power supply At Alan Truman, when we say MADE IN ITALY, we mean 100% made in Italy. We have not manufactured the parts in some cheap low-cost factories in a corner of the globe and assembled them in Italy to make the Core Force 102 professional hairdryer. This dryer is 100% MADE IN ITALY.

An Italian AC motor in the Core Force 102 means it will work consistently well, deliver the powerful airflow that a professional blow-dry needs and last you much longer than a consumer-oriented DC motor. Ceramic coating on the heating element ensures that there are no cool spots and hot spots thus avoid hair damage and hair burns. Premium Italian motor causes air to flow consistently through the heating element thus preventing uneven drying and frizz in the hair.

A good professional cool shot completes a real professional hairdryer. The Core Force 102 has a precise cut-off mechanism thus enabling hairdressers to set styles effortlessly. Warm air or less hot air doesn’t give the satisfaction of setting a hairstyle as much as a real professional cool shot does. A good dryer is one that doesn't lose steam over a period of time. It is like a premium high-performance car. It runs the same after years of usage as it was on the first day. A little wear and tear are bound to happen. Cheap dryers go full throttle on day one and start losing steam with time. The performance deteriorates excessively if you use them full service every day. If you have a busy salon where the value of a great blow-dry is understood, Alan Truman Core Force 102 is the correct dryer for you. 

The Alan Truman Core Force 102 is your reliable and robust companion in blow-drying and blast drying. Used with care, this tool will last you really long.


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