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Alan Truman Scalp SOS - Scalp Massage & Shampoo Brush - Green

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The Truth is out there!!

There is no cure for split-ends except trimming them. Cosmetic companies selling split-ends treatments, shampoos and conditioners are selling you a fine, invisible glue. This glue doesn’t cure split-ends. It just keeps them together until the next wash or until your hair is exposed to the daily grind.

What is the Alan Truman NMSE Split-ends trimmer?
A tool that trims split-ends and fly-aways.

Works on straight, wavy, curly and very curly hair. It is as easy to use as a hair straightener or a hair brush.

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Why choose Alan Truman

One year international warranty against manufacturing defects

Trusted by professionals and loved by consumers for over 10 years

Patented hi-tech products that make hair styling & maintenance easy