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Why pick a straightener with a rounded body?

Why pick a straightener with a rounded body?

The AT-100 series is designed with the intention of it creating multiple styles apart from just straightening the hair. When you’re up to making curls with this styler, those rounded plate edges make it easier for you. They allow much smoother maneuvers than the regular ones, so you get the freedom of moving it every direction without irritation.


Why rounded edges?

A styler with rounded edges suits every hair type and provides numerous style options in no time. You can achieve straight hair, smooth curls, flips, waves, and plenty more.

Advantages of the rounded edge plate of the AT-100 series are as under:


· Maneuverability: The curved edges beat the rest of the hair straightener types with the maneuverability it offers. The beveled edges allow the plates to move freely and smoothly without any hassle. You can twist and curl or spiral your hair around easily even if you’re a beginner.

· Volume: To add adorable volume to your hair, whether it’s fine or thick, there’s no better maestro than the rounded edge of this styler. Especially with a steep plate, achieving perfect volumes is a cakewalk.


· Style Options: Where your regular hair straightener limits the style option to only straightening or frizziness reduction, the AT-100 series stylers with rounded edges lets you style beyond any limit. You can achieve straight hair, smooth curls, flips, cute beach waves, sleek and healthy-looking hair and so much more.


Other than the benefits mentioned above, the AT-100s provide burn and damage protection to your hair, dent-free straightening, and even surround heat for perfect luster.


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