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What makes the Alan Truman Hot Stick work as a curl enhancer?

What makes the Alan Truman Hot Stick work as a curl enhancer?

Contrary to the popular belief, curly-haired girls actually use curling irons!


They're great for exaggerating the natural curl pattern without weighing the hair down or using a lot of curl enhancing product. Plus, what else are you going to use to make sure those limp pieces of hair at the front match the rest of your spirals? (Real talk, why are there always a few places on your head where your hair refuses to curl? It’s beyond irritating, isn’t it?)


Curly hair needs a specific type of curling iron, though, one that will enhance the hair and offer long-lasting effects. After all, curly hair tends to refuse to hold any pattern other than its own. To save you from taking the time and effort to curl your hair just to have it revert back to normal the second you walk out the door, we rather have a solution for you to maintain and enhance your natural curls and flaunt them for the longest time!


The Alan Truman Hot Stick is an ultra-thin curling wand made rectangular in shape to give you a better grip and more contact surface when you style, curl, & wave. It has an extra-long tourmaline-ceramic coated barrel. It is extremely light in weight for its size. The ultra-thin rectangular barrel of 8mm is coated with tourmaline and ceramic to give the extra shine and protection as you style. It is super-light and weighs less than 105 grams.


How does the Alan Truman Hot Stick help you enhance your curls?

  • It is important to get the heat to make the curl last! And that’s exactly what the Alan Truman Hot Stick does; it is an iron that heats up to a whopping 230°C. It works at a hair-health-safe regulated temperature between 110 degrees C to 230 degrees C. This temperature is good enough to style and take care of hair health at the same time. It has regulated temperature control and heats up fast in 8-seconds

  • You’re sure to love this iron for creating textured beach waves or kinky tight curls depending the way you want to enhance your curls. It is multi-styler, you can use this wand to create several different styles depending upon the amount of hair you take per section, the way you wrap hair around the stick & the amount of time you allow it to style with the heat.

  • The Alan Truman Hot Stick comes with an 18cm Pro length curling rod that enables you to curl your long tresses with ease. It has a cool tip which prevents burning while you style.

  • Far infrared technology in the Hot Stick seals in the moisture and helps you retain and maintain your curls all day long or even until the next wash, depending on the way you manage them.

  • Curly hair is prone to frizz and naturally tend to get dry towards the end. The Negative Ion technology in the Hot Stick helps you get rid of the frizz and gives you a defined style without the irritation of unwanted static and frizz.


Not only might this help you see your curls in a different light, but the next time you’re in front of the mirror thinking how to style your hair, you know what to do. You'll probably also stop wanting to use the straightener quite so much, just inorder to make your locks look healthy, beautiful and bouncy.


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