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What makes the Alan Truman Hot Brush different from other straightening brushes?

What makes the Alan Truman Hot Brush different from other straightening brushes?

There are many different brands of hair straightener brushes in the market today. One of the most efficient brush being the Alan Truman Brush. It's one device that does it all. The Hot Brush is a straightening tool in the form of a brush, that detangles, smoothens , takes away the frizz and straighten your tresses. This is one of the latest style perfecting tool. It is one of the most versatile product that applies heat to the hair through the bristles. This styling tool is much safer on your hair than a regular styling brush as it generally uses a lower level of heat as per your requirement. In addition to straightening your hair, the Hot Brush can be used to add shine to dull hair.



The Alan Truman hot brush has an upper hand on other straightening brushes available in the market for the following reasons:

· The Alan Truman Hot Brush is suitable for all hair types. Even the most easily damaged or thin hair due to low heat levels. Temperature of the Hot Brush can vary from 110°c to 230°C to suit your hair type. The Hot Brush provides adjustable heat levels in both - °CELCIUS or °FARHENHEIT.

· Alan Truman Hot Brush emits negative ions onto your hair thus eliminating static electricity. These ions are thought to smooth and seal the cuticle, resulting in less frizz and knotting and avoids hot spots leaving the hair stronger and healthier.

· The Hot Brush redefines the process of styling your hair at home, making the whole process so much smoother and hassle-free for the women’s who want to get rid off from their morning styling drudgery. Unlike other straightener brushes that take forever to style your hair.

· 76 Tourmaline ceramic-coated bristles give shiny, smooth, frizz-free hair. Thermo Plastic bristle design gently detangles and straightens while protecting your hair and scalp from excessive heat thus adding shine to dull hair, unlike other styling brushes that cause hair damage and breakage.

· Regular straightener brushes usually take long to heat up and pass heat to the hair inconsistently. The Hot Brush has a heat up time of 60 seconds, which mean the brush is ready to use within a minute from turning it on and has a 2 meter swivel cord, which makes it easy to move in any angle.

· Most straightener brushes are unable to flatten very thick or curly hair, while the Alan Truman Hot Brush has 76 tourmaline ceramic coated bristles that pass enough heat to the hair straightening the most hard to style tresses.

· Regular straightening brushes don't give you pin straight hair; it just does enough to smoothen your hair. You still have to use a flat iron if you want to straighten your curly hair. Whereas the Alan Truman Hot Brush gives you poker straight hair when used with patience and the right technique.

· Most straightener brushes have cheap quality bristles, that tend to get damaged when used over a long period of time. But the bristles of the Hot Brush are coated with Tourmaline-Ceramic that doesn’t lose its shape even when used for the longest of time.

· As the temperature increased on the cheap straightener brush the back of the brush gets so hot you cannot touch it without risk of getting burned. While the Alan Truman Hot Brush is built out of industrial grade plastic, making it one hell of a robust styling companion.


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