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What exactly is the Alan Truman Titanium Wide Styler?

What exactly is the Alan Truman Titanium Wide Styler?

Titanium is by far the hardest (before black-diamond) and finest coating for straightener plates. When viewed under 10X magnification, a human eye can spot the difference between a ceramic/ceramic-tourmaline coating and a titanium coating. Ceramic due to its inherent property is slightly uneven whereas titanium is super smooth and shiny.

Titanium coating gives an amazing durability & long life to the plates and does not damage the cuticle and settles and closes it during the straightening process. It also enables far superior glide as compared to conventional ceramic plate straighteners. This enables pull- free and snag-free styling and straightening.

The plates of the Alan Truman digital titanium Styler are fitted on a patented air-float mechanism. This causes the gap in the plates to even out effortlessly thus avoiding pulling and snagging of the hair. Conventional straighteners have a basic or no floating mechanism at all. Hence those straighteners pull, snag, stretch and stress the cuticle causing damage every time you straighten or style.

Alan Truman Digital Titanium Stylers come in wide and slim configurations.

All Alan Truman products are protected by a one-year international warranty against workmanship defects and damages. So that’s worry-free and hassle-free styling for your salon or home.

Not to mention, this titanium straightener comes with true-digital temperature control, 8- second instant heat-up technology, & a 360 degree, three meters long swivel cord. The body of this straightener has a matte finish which gives a superior grip and control during long and short straightening and styling sessions. True-digital temperature control ensures what you see is what you get. In cheap look-alike digital styling tools, the temperature on the digital display just moves up and with the press of a switch. In the Alan Truman digital wide Titanium Styler, when the temperature is increased it really goes up to that level, and when you reduce the temperature, it actually takes 6-8 seconds to bring back the plates to the designated lower temperature. So, it’s not a Styler with a gimmicky digital display. It actually is a digital temperature control that works.

This wide Styler has 1.5-inch wide titanium plates with smooth glide property. If you are looking for effortless styling of medium to long hair and very long hair without wasting a lot of time in double and triple straightening strokes, this straightener is the right tool for you. It can be used to create waves, bangs, and flicks effortlessly. Used with the right hand and technique, it is indeed a very versatile tool.


Happy Styling!


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