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Vibrating plates, is it really beneficial?

Vibrating straighteners use ceramic plates that vibrate to shuffle your hair back and forth, which minimizes pulling. This technology works well on different hair types, textures, and preferences.


A straightener with vibrating technology is helpful for women with kinky and very frizzy locks. The main reason for frizzy hair is open hair cuticles that give hair unwanted volume. The straightener’s vibration helps to close hair cuticles and visibly reduce frizz. This technology makes hair especially shiny and straight due to the vibration. Only one pass will probably be enough to make one strand totally straight. It saves your curls from applying extra heat on them because you need to glide through each section only once.


This flat iron starts to vibrate when its heated plates are pressed together. You could hear a quiet buzz that sounds a lot like an electric toothbrush. It’s quite a weird sensation at first as you could feel the vibration on your hair, but you soon get used to it. Usually, straighteners with vibrating technology have the option to put the vibration off if you don’t need it.


What does the vibrating plate actually do to your hair: 1. The unique vibrating plates not only prevent heat damage, but it also restores damaged hair by closing the opened cuticles.

2. Vibration plates minimize the direct friction of the hair and heating plate to avoid frizzes hair.

3. When using the vibration iron, the cuticle is less roughed up and leaves hair more smoothing and shining.

4. Vibration plates reduce the friction between 2 non-lubricated metal plates.

5. High frequency of vibration helps the hair to absorb the nourishment while keratin treatment.

6. High frequency of vibration leaves energy and hot temperature more evenly on the hair and avoid heat damage.

7. Vibrating Technology: The vibrating plates of the iron 'shuffles' hair through the plates, touching more strands with each pass. That means fewer passes and less damage for faster, healthier results.

9. Vibrating heating plates aid the straightening motion and allow hair to glide effortlessly through the plates without any tugging or pulling.


Regardless of whether you choose to hop on the vibration bandwagon, it’s important to protect your hair with lubrication that includes silicones, particularly at the ends.


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