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The term 'Gold' in the Gold Ceramic Brush is not just for the sake of it, WE MEAN IT!!

The term 'Gold' in the Gold Ceramic Brush is not just for the sake of it, WE MEAN IT!!

When was the last time you actually thought about your blow-drying brush?

While we constantly give praise to our more beloved straighteners and curling wands, the powers of a good old blow-drying brush (The unsung heroes of hairstyling and hair care) are typically overlooked. If this sounds relatable, you’re probably in need of the right blow styling brush.


Finding the right blow-styling brush may sound like an unnecessary task for some, but because this is one beauty tool you’re expected to use every single day, making the switch just might be one of the biggest favors you’ll ever do for your hair. Going beyond just simply brushing your hair, using the best blow-styling brush for your hair type is guaranteed to cause less breakage, prevent bad hair days, and deliver the ultimate ‘DO’ (no curling wand needed).


And that’s when the Alan Truman Gold Ceramic Blow-Drying Brush comes into being!!

The Gold-Ceramic Barrel of the brush is fitted into an anti-static cap attached to a 100% rubber handle. This kind of construction ensures that the brush doesn't induce any static into the hair however high heat you work with or however fast you move the brush in contact with the hair. The barrel is coated with a mix of semiprecious stones like Tourmaline and Ceramic in a golden color base. Tourmaline is known to emit negative ions that counteract the positive ions present in dry or damaged hair, this results in smooth, shiny hair. While Ceramic locks in moisture directly in the hair cuticle and counteract frizz, it also protects the color on your hair if you have treated your hair. This thus imparts amazing shine to your hair during every blow-drying session


These amazing blow-drying brushes are available in size X-small, Small, Medium, and Large.


When this astounding blow drying brush is paired with a sturdy hairdryer and some practice, you can nail a salon-fresh blowout at home in a matter of minutes.


Happy Styling!


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