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The Hot Brush or a Flat Iron, Who wins ?

The Hot Brush or a Flat Iron, Who wins ?



It’s time to set the record straight. Using a flat iron or a hot brush to straighten your hair is an easy decision if you clearly understand the characteristics of your own hair or the look you decide to achieve. If you are looking for the best tools for straightening hair and wondering which is best for your type of hair, the flat iron vs hot brush argument stops here!


Degree of Heat:

When using a flat iron, you clamp the strands between the heated plates while styling while the hot brush bristles hardly come into contact with your hair. This means that the flat irons expose your hair to more heat thus causing damage. Whereas in case of a hot brush your hair comes in contact with little heat hence keeping your hair healthy and in good shape.



The safety of your hair and scalp is very important. It has been observed that the hot brush is the best option since it protects the hands and scalp from burning during styling. But that’s not the case with flat irons- it’s easy to get burned by the heated plates. So, the hot brush is safer compared to the flat iron.


Time Spent:

How much time you spend straightening is an important factor especially for those who straighten every day before they go to work in the morning. Between flat irons and the hot brush, styling with irons takes longer than the latter. So, if your mornings are busy, consider investing in the hot brush to save yourself some time for other things. Overall, the hot brushes is more convenient compared to flat irons.


Efficiency of Straightening:

The fact that you clamp your hair strands between heated plates with irons, it allows the hair to be heated directly, but at the same time causing more damage. Whereas the hot brush will straighten your hair in a much relaxed way making it look more voluminous, natural and pleasant without making it flat.


Hair Volume:

The volume of the hair is simply how large and voluptuous it looks after styling. Using the hot brush is the best option for more voluminous hair. For the irons, they will just make your hair flat and does not give that unique and conspicuous look. Using the hot brush also gives shape to the hair, a thing that’s not possible with flat irons.


Daily use:

The classic straightening iron isn’t recommended for everyday use at home due to the extensive heat the hair is exposed to. For daily styling routines, it’s highly recommended that you invest in the hot brush. The fact that bristles do not come into contact with the hair makes the hot brush an excellent choice for daily straightening. But this does not mean that you will do away with flat irons, use them from time to time for a really polished look.


By now I’m sure you must have got an answer to all your “HAIRY DOUBTS” :P ;)


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