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The Anatomy of a Hair Curler - What are Curlers Made of ?

The Anatomy of a Hair Curler - What are Curlers Made of ?

Wavy hair is such a versatile look. You can go feminine with big, voluminous waves or edgy with a more textured ‘do. But before you achieve any of these, you need to be able to master the curling iron. So let’s walk through everything you need to know about this useful hair tool so you can create those hairstyles you’ve been saving in your gallery for months!


The curling iron/ tong is a device that bends hair using heat. This device has a specially heated unit that curls hair and gives it a perfect definition. The barrel is mainly responsible for curling the hair, the barrel is described in detail in the blog below.


A curler consists of different parts. All these parts have various functions and contribute to the curling process in every possible way.

These are essential parts of a curling iron.


The Cord

The cord is the main source of supplying electricity to the iron. Electricity reaches the iron through the cord/ cable and gets into the power unit. This unit runs electricity to the barrel and heats-up. An ideal curling iron has a user-friendly and comfortable cord.


Temperature Button

For a perfect curl, a perfect temperature limit must be set. This will give the hair a perfect smooth curl. An ideal curling iron has a temperature setting button. Choosing the perfect temperature with this switch becomes easy.


Power Button

For a smooth power supply, a curling iron has the turn on/off button. Using this one can easily turn the power on and off whenever required.


Temperature Control Display

The screen on the handle indicates whether the curler switched on or off and also indicates the temperature of the curler.



The clamp is like a clip that helps to get a proper hold of the hair while curling. Using the clamp one can easily curl the hair. It gives you the tension so that you can easily hold on to the hair as you are curling it.



The barrel is the most important part of a curling iron. The barrel gets hot, and the proper heat makes curling the hair easier. The barrel is almost 2/3 of the curling iron and the most important one regarding function. On the other hand, different materials are used in it, mainly ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium.

Ceramic barrel ensures even heat distribution. Moisturizes the curl and makes it smooth.

The tourmaline barrel emits 6x more negative ions to smooth hair and leaves a shiny hair.

Titanium barrel evenly distributes heat and avoids sticking.


Cool Tip

The topmost part of the barrel is the tip. This doesn’t get hot and gives you a safe edge and prevents you from accidental burns.



The handle provides a grip to hold the iron and curl. The turn on/off button, the temperature setting, etc. are on the handle. A perfectly shaped handle helps to curl easily.


Hope this blog has helped you understand a curler and make the best use of it.


Happy Styling!


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