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Styling Sesh: How to create smooth curls with a straightener?

If you’ve ever wanted to travel with just one hair styling tool, or simply want to declutter your vanity, odds are you’ve found yourself wondering if it’s possible to create beautiful curls with just a straightener and of course it is!


Achieving a proper curl with a flat iron is all about creating tension and the perfect angle on the hair and gliding through in such a way that gets the curl to bounce back.


Apply a heat protectant: Make sure to apply a heat protectant throughout your hair, from root to tip, this will help prevent heat-related hair damage and will also give it some more shine. You can also use a volumizing spray in case you’re fond of more volume.


Section Your Hair:

Take some extra time to do this, and you’ll see that lush curls are possible to make at home. Brush out any knots or tangles, and use an inch section of your hair at a time. Or if you’re a visual person, never take sections of hair that are wider than your straightener plates.


Twist and pull the straightener through your hair: Clamp hair in the flat iron and with the hair between the plates, rotate the flat iron at least 180º. Begin from the lower sections starting at the root, pulling the straightener away from the face. Once the lower portion of the head is done, start taking sections from the top.


To create a more natural and texturized look, alternate between twisting the iron away from your face and towards it. Continue this pattern through all sections of the hair. To create volume, you could also tease the hair at the crown of the head.


Set your curls with a setting spray. Spritz a medium-hold hairspray on the hair and with your fingers, work it into your curls, or simply scrunch them to help elongate the life of your hairdo without making it look too done. Using a strong setting spray make take away the natural finish of your curls and make it look artificial.


Hope this helps you get going with the idea of curling your hair with a straightener, that you’ve always been thinking but didn’t know how to start.

With a little practice, you’ll be curling and twirling in no time!


Watch this space for such multi-styling hacks.


Happy Styling!


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