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Premium tourmaline-ceramic plates that give extreme shine and take away the frizz.

Premium tourmaline-ceramic plates that give extreme shine and take away the frizz.

Straighteners that have plates made of tourmaline ceramic are the current gold standard of straightening irons!! Tourmaline ceramic plates elevate standard ceramic plates – already a good material for hair straightener plates, by infusing the ceramic plates with the semi-precious mineral, ‘Tourmaline’. The tourmaline is first crushed into a fine powder then baked into the ceramic plates during the manufacturing process.


But why is tourmaline so special when it comes to hair straightener heating plates? Tourmaline is a crystal-born silicate material that aids in the smoothing process by generating 20 times more moisture-locking ions than any other type of straightener plate. Tourmaline generates the extra negative ions needed to counteract the positive ions found in dry and damaged hair. The result? Smoother, silkier hair that is resistant to frizz and flyaway strands. Plus, this seals in the hair’s natural oils, thus protecting delicate strands from repeated heat exposure.

Tourmaline ceramic plates also remove static and leave behind silky, shiny hair. Tourmaline ceramic plates help close the hair follicle upon contact, thus minimizing heat damage to tender tresses, particularly important if you are regularly using a hair straightener to style your hair.

With a tourmaline ceramic plate, you are actually sealing in moisture with every pass of the AT-101 styler, thus giving your hair a little bit more TLC and warding off frizz even longer. Tourmaline ceramic plates are also exceptionally smooth which generates less tension as they pass over the hair. This means your hair is less susceptible to snagging or snapping during hair straightener use.


The AT-101 styler is excellent for:

  • Thin to coarse hair types

  • Extremely curly to smooth hair types

  • Normal to damaged hair

If you frequently style your hair, AT-101 styler is one of the best straighteners to get your hands on, as it’s a tool you don’t have to compromise your hair’s health with, and it quickly transforms your hair consuming very little time and reducing the heat exposure.


Happy Styling!


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