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Perks of using a Professional Hair-Dryer!

One of the most important hair-styling tools is a good hairdryer. Having the right blow dryer can make a huge difference in the entire day, especially considering the fact that faster drying speed, better styling control, and reduced fatigue can ensure faster hair styling and more predictable results and not forget adequate time left with you to complete all your other morning duties. Therefore, it’s essential for you to make this choice wisely. Professional-grade hair dryers can't really be compared to the ones you find in a typical retail store. We agree that along with the advanced technology needed to improve its power, effectiveness, and longevity, a professional hairdryer comes with a little hike in its price compared to the regular retail store dryer.

In this article today we have gathered some perks of owning a professional hairdryer.



There are two motor types commonly found in blow dryers: AC and DC. Every professional blow dryer will have advanced technology that dries hair faster, powerful AC motors to produce stronger airflow, greater attention to features and design, and longer working life. It provides powerful air pressure. This professional motor is more durable and provides powerful air velocity for faster drying. An AC motor can also provide up to 3 times longer dryer life vs. a standard DC motor. Reduces drying time by up to 50%. AC motors reduce noise output, making them a quiet option for early morning or late night hair-styling. If you live with someone else in cramped quarters, these quiet-running hair dryers are truly a blessing!


Cool Touch:

Technology that ensures the surface of the hairdryer attachments stay cool so hands and heads are kept safe. Noise reduction:

Technology that reduces noise so hair can be dried quietly at any time. Reduced noise levels help create a more peaceful, relaxing hair styling environment. Ceramic Grill:

Ceramic grill in the hair dryers provides even heat distribution and the heat is very mild so that it doesn’t damage hair.

Cord Length:

Professional dryers have longer cord lengths to allow for a wider range of movement.


Concentrator Nozzle:

A professional hairdryer usually comes with a set of concentrator nozzles. These nozzles focus on airflow/heat for more precise styling.


Cool shot button:

A Cool shot provides a blast of cooler air to help set styles that you've created.


Removable Filter:

A removable filter is an essential feature of a pro dryer, as clogged filters reduce airflow, slow drying time, and reduce the motor life span.



A professional dryer has a comfortable handle with well-placed settings, as well as a good overall balance to help prevent hand fatigue. A dryer that’s built without ergonomics in mind can cause undue stress on your hand and wrist.


Happy Styling!


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