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Know your brushes well: Difference between a Round brush and a Paddle brush.

Know your brushes well: Difference between a Round brush and a Paddle brush.

It's wonderful to know how convenient can hair styling be when you have the right tool with you. For most of us, the most widely used tool when it comes to our hair is the brush.


Because all brushes are not created equal, we’d like to break down the basics and brush up your styling tool expertise. For now let's discuss the two most renowned brushes- a round brush and a paddle brush and know, what they’re designed to do best.


To begin with, we’re first going to talk about the Round Brush. The Gold Ceramic Blow Drying Brush is round in shape and the barrel of the brush is coated with Tourmaline and Ceramic which heats up when used with a blow dryer and helps tame frizz, delivering the desired amount of bounce and shine to your hair. The barrel of the brush has an ultra-even heating system, that allows equal distribution of heat. The nylon bristles are dedicatedly distributed apart to create the right tension to achieve frizz-free and glossy hair and are heat resistant. When used correctly, they can mimic the effect of a curling iron to a certain extent.


Usage: The Gold Ceramic Blow Drying Brush is perfect for creating a smooth rounded finish on any length of hair. It is mostly used to create inward and outward curls. Some even enjoy creating loose waves with it. The length of your hair will determine the diameter of the round brush- small, medium, or large. Shorter the hair, smaller the diameter is advised. Smaller the diameter, the more curl or bend you will get in your hair. While a brush with a large diameter is bound to give fullness and bounce to your hair.


Moving ahead to the second brush type, Paddle brushes have bristles coming out of a soft cushion. The Alan Truman Paddle Brush has 100% nylon flamed sealed bristles, which are heat resistant and are great for improving blood circulation in the scalp, detangling, smoothing the hair and taming all those flyaway hair. The air-filled rubber cushion is designed to bend with your scalp to minimize damage from pulling. The ergonomic rubber grip handle of the Alan Truman Paddle brush ensures a firm hold of the brush.


Usage: The paddle brush is a great choice for everyone. The paddle brush can give a head start on pulling out a wave or curl to then be followed up with a blow drier or straightener. Paddle brushes are ideal for straight styles or for anyone who feels that their hair straightens easily when the heat is applied.


The brushes need to be such that they are beneficial for your hair and cause less breakage or damage. Therefore, before just choosing any random brush do have a check on the right one depending on your hair type.


Happy Styling!


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