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Is flicking different from curling the hair and how can it be achieved with a straightener?

Flicks and curls are simply two slightly different ways to curl your hair with a flat iron. Flicking the hair is just a fancy term when the ends of your hair are curled inwards or outwards. Whereas curling the hair is majorly concerned with curls across the entire length of your hair.


Flicks: Inorder to flick your hair with a straightener, start half-way down the length of hair, clamp the hair between the straightener and turn it back on itself in a half turn. You should now have created a U-shape with the hair and the straightener. Keeping the iron on that half-turn angle, slowly move it down to the end of the hair. It depends on you if you want to flick your hair inwards or outwards. The faster you move the flat iron, the less pronounced the flick will be. If you like big soft flicks, slow down the movement of your straightener. This technique is usually practiced by collage girls and office going women.


Curls: In order to create curls, Start fairly close to the scalp, not very close enough to accidentally burn it, clamp the hair between the straightener and turn it back on itself a half turn (the same as with flicks). Run the straightener slowly down the hair length towards the end. Again here, the slower you move the straightener, the tighter the curl. The faster you move the straightener, the gentler the wave. Curls are ideal to carry at a party or at a wedding.

The entire look of you flick or curl absolutely depends on where you begin clamping your hair and for how long do you expose your hair to the heat of the styling tool.


Hope this brought enough understanding about various techniques and their outcomes, for you to decide which the best one for you is.


Happy Styling!


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